Bethany Sam

Bethany Sam is the Innovator and Project Manager of First Nation’s Focus; a tribal news magazine for the State of Nevada and Eastern Sierra. Bethany is Hunkpapa Dakota (Sioux), Kuiza-tika-ah Numa (Lee Vining Paiute), & Wašiw (Washoe). She is an enrolled member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe of North Dakota and was raised in Coleville, CA.

With 5 years professional marketing, promotions and advertising experience as a Business Development Manager, Bethany created the opportunity and partnered with Sierra Nevada Media Group to publish a tribal news magazine, First Nation’s Focus, that included an outreach to Non-Native Communities through their existing community publications.

First Nation’s Focus has FREE distribution to all 27 Nevada Tribes + 6 Eastern Sierra Tribes + their enterprises, and is inserted into the Nevada Appeal, Record Courier, and Lahontan Valley News newspapers once a month.

The goal of First Nation’s Focus is to help the Native American/American Indian community take control of the narrative by sharing positive knowledge, unknown history, and unique opportunities to local Non-Native Communities. While helping businesses/brands/tribes grow by supporting tribal news and advertising themselves to this unique audience.

First Nation’s Focus gives tribes’ and their members a public voice, increases awareness of the Native American/American Indian culture & lifestyle, creates empathy towards the historical trauma, and helps break any communication barriers between the general public and tribal communities.

As the Project Manager, Bethany’s mission is to change the negative stereotypes that the world generalizes Native Americans/American Indians in, and to help restore Native American/American Indian teachings and traditions.

First Nation’s Focus / Sierra Nevada Media Group
Office: 775-881-1258; Cell: 775-297-1003
580 Mallory Way, Carson City, NV 89701